Actual bricks are 4" x 8" concrete and laser engraved!​​

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Fed-Up & Not Afraid to Show It? 

People of Character do NOT Allow their Opinions to be Silenced!

We sincerely appreciate your support!  Stand strong with us and let's continue exercising our freedom of speech and expression.  This is still America and if we don't defend our Constitution now, it may be too weak to defend us as we move forward!  God Bless America and God Bless our Patriots that refuse to remain silent!

Custom Border Wall Bricks!
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We are inviting you to purchase a personalized, laser engraved, full size, red brick to be placed in our Bikers4Freedom "Memorial Border Wall" in honor of our new President Donald  J. Trump!  If you want a brick sent to you, please order two (1 for the wall & 1 to be mailed) and specify to us the engraving details in an email to ( You may also email us your engraving instructions on single brick orders if you prefer something different than your personal ordering info. we received from you when you placed your order.  You will also receive an official Proud Deplorable Trump Card, a "Build That Wall" sticker and also one of our new "DrainTheSwamp" stickers with each brick purchased. Order today! 


You Get 2 Proud Deplorable Trump Cards, a Drain The Swamp Sticker, a Build That Wall Sticker and a Benghazi Sticker!

The LIBERTY PACK - Get it ALL for $19.95

Just Want a Proud Deplorable Trump Card?

Cards are high quality glossy credit card size/weight and individually numbered!

Celebrating Our 5th Year in Business!  We Started Out Anti-Obama and Became Pro-Trump!


All Merchandise Ships within 24 Hours!

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If you would like to help us in our continuing efforts to support President Trump, you may donate any amount.   Any donation of $20 or more gets a Liberty Pack as seen here to the left.  You get 2 Proud Deplorable Trump Cards and 3 of our bumper stickers.  Bike and melon cover not included! Make sure you give us your mailing address through PayPal when donating, if you want the merchandise. 

Proud Deplorable Trump Cards!

BORDER WALL BRICKS  -  Buy Two!  One for the Wall & One for You!

America is dialing 911 and Mr. Trump is answering the call!

de - plor - a - ble ... Hardworking American Patriot

Support Donald J. Trump as President!

 We are building the Memorial Border Wall!  -  Order YOUR brick for the Wall below!  -  As Seen on!     

Our Bikers4Freedom organization has donated several bricks for the wall including; the Benghazi victims, the Police Officers that died in Dallas, the Police Officers that died in Baton Rouge and Kate Steinle. 

The Wall is Up & Continues to Get Larger!!! 

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